We help you understand the extent of your funding requirements and to secure the best source of finance.

There are a variety of ways to finance an acquisition, from bank finance, to private equity and venture capital investment. We will help you evaluate the funding resources available to allow you to secure the best deal.

As well as creating a strategic plan we will develop a robust financial forecast that will help you achieve your funding objectives.

We will help identify the right source of capital, assist in the negotiation of the terms and oversee any due diligence or other process that might be required.

As part of the fundraising process we will help you to:

  • Create a forecast model to meet the organisations specific needs.
  • Source capital investment.
  • Prepare marketing materials and presentations to approach investors.
  • Act on your behalf in investment meetings.
  • Handle the process from inceptions through to completion.
  • Negotiate terms and oversee the due diligence process.

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